About me

My name is Chiara TABELLINI.

It has been over 15 years since my first lighting project, and from then on, I haven’t pursued anything else but light.

I chose to devote myself to light. To its architectural design, within a context of innovation and use of advanced technologies, aimed to energetic efficiency, modern functionality, and timeless aesthetics.

After my years of studies, apprenticeship and working as lighting designer in one of the most prominent Italian firms in the field, I approached the horizon and looked beyond; homes and restaurants in Bruges, pubs in Dublin and Kilkenny, businesses and offices in London, Soho and New York, the fantastic lamps production workshops in Barcelona and the patio in Ansouis in Provence, the “Taverne Francaise” in Strasburg, the entrance halls in the palaces of Paris, San Francisco’s iconic skyline from Pier 1 and the futuristic Living Walls of the Seattle Spheres…always in search of light, how it was created and diffused.

In this journey, looking for light, I discovered the shadows, which now I see as a determining factor in all those projects that were realized to give life to a space that was in harmony with the character of those who live in it.

The lighting project, the one I have in mind every time I start to dream, is a labour of love and imagination born to a vocation: to transform a simple space, a room, in the place where we desire to live, fall asleep and wake up every day.

Never fear shadows. They simply mean there's a light shining somewhere nearby. (Ruth E. Renkel)


What I Do

  • Tailored creation of elegant and sustainable lighting solutions
  • Architectural lighting design and daylight integration and analysis
  • Illumination design and analysis of interior and exterior illumination
  • Glare studies and lighting calculation
  • Search for different light sources and study of their effects on different surfaces
  • Assistance to the lighting construction site